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O Melhor do que foi Dito

lorina carmen dula (Romania)
I wish to UAE not 40 years full of peace and joy but 1000000 for the most beautiful country i ever saw, for the respect and safety. Inshallah God keep your country safe forever. Peace and greeting to all rulers of UAE and all nationals.
monir alam (Bangladesh)
i wish the president of the United Arab Emirates and all the Rulers happy 40th Nationaly day, this is the best country in the world and i appreciate the peace and safety that the Rulers of the UAE provided for all the people that live here
Kareem Demian (Egypt)
Your Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, My eyes opened to this world on the soil of this country. I was born, raised and lived all my life in this precious country, a country where i have never felt like a stranger but on the contrary, I was always welcomed and treated with equality among others. Thank you for everything and congratulations on the 40th National Day Anniversary.
Kuldeep Rai (India)
We feel happy, safe and comfortable here under the rule of our beloved ruler. We are thankful to you for accepting is and allowing us our freeom whether we are fromny region, religion, caste or creed. Thanking you once again.
Sadik Mohammed Kunju (India)
Happy National Day! My sincere wishes to H.H and the UAE, that is a home to more than 200 nationalities from all cultures and communities, a country where people come to make their dreams come true!. Thanks & Best Wishes
Bertrand Iroegbu (Nigeria)
Your royal highness, you have made life worth living for millions of citizens globally. i am proudly one of them and would like to congratulate you and wish you more long life and prosperity.
Sumaiya Cabuhat (Philippines)
I would like to extend my sincerest congratulations to the President HH Shaikh Khalifa and HH Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid, other Leaders and people of UAE on the 40th anniversary of the Union. UAE have been my home for the last 12 yrs. And I will be forever grateful for the great opportunities that this country has given to me and my family, including paving way for me to come to know and embrace the beautiful religion of Islam. I thank you for the numerous supports offered for the new Muslims community. UAE has successfully implemented the policy of modernization, reform and opening up, gaining achievements that have attracted the world's attention. I wish you success for continued development, strengthening the traditional friendship and cooperation between the Emirates and promoting the well-being of your people.
khurshid ahamed masudi (India)
this is a great country.peaceful and safe. i wish this nation great role in the world peace.
Hafeezuddin Ahmed (India)
We feel very secure to live here
ٍٍٍٍStudents Baynounah Inst. (UAE)
We, students of Baynounah College, are happy to send a big bunch of flowers for our president H.H. Sheik Khalifa. Khalifa’s name carries all the meanings of loyalty. Loyalty among all Emirates is carried by the citizens and completed since our country was an infant. We are really proud of our country, because you are a great leader. You are the eyes of the country, and you can see ahead into the future. All students in our group feel that the U. A. E. is part of our hearts. We promise to complete your hopes. In the future, we will teach our children to be faithful and make the U.A.E. a big, shiny star in the world. Nowadays, our country turns forty. Although mature, the U.A.E are still in the prime of their youth. We will always be proud to be Emirati. Whatever we write, we know it will not be enough. We feel tears of emotion pouring down as we do this, and we know words are not enough. Students and teacher of the Edad Programme, Baynounah Institute of Science and Technology Madinat
Patrick Ofonagoro (Nigeria)
My congratulations to His Majesty, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan for his commendable leadership of the UAE and for helping to nurture a truly international community in this country. May your reign continue to be blessed Your Highness and may your vision and dedication continue to uphold the UAE as a shining beacon of civilization to the world. Kulluna Khalifa !!!
Joy Nessayyan (India)
Our Father Zayed One man’s vision was the catalyst for the UAE as we know it today. Forty years ago, the people of the UAE came together to say they are as one. Under the leadership of the Late Sheikh Zayed, the nation was formed and in this process a spirit was born.
Dushyanthi Kapukotuwa (Sri Lanka)
Warm greetings to President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa, The Rulers of this country and UAE nationals! Living and working for the past 10 years and I love the country and its people. Long live the Rulers! Wish UAE and People, Peace & Prosperity!
John Ryan Magbanua (Philippines)
People of the UAE should be so proud of their achievements.Filipino love this country this is our second home special place. Thank you HH Khalifa!
Francis Muzangaza (Zimbabwe)
Thank you for being a great and examplary leader.
Birgit Blum (Germany)
I live since 3 years in this beautyful country. As far as i know there is no place on earth were i want to live. H.H. Sheikh Zayed created a dream, which lives further under H.H. Sheikh Khalifa. I am so happy to be part of this country. Shukran!!!
Sayyotbek Turahanov (Uzbekistan)
Assalomu aleykum. I'm very happy being here. When I wake up seems that I get up with the great inspiration which gives me an energy probably from the heaven. I felt something strong from the first time I imbibe the air. I'm very excited about the opportunities given by this country. I will never forget any instant of my life I have spent here. As a representative of Uzbekistan I'd like to say our depest thanks to the emirati people and I'd like the Sheikhs of this country take my lowest bow. I'm really enjoying here fulfilling the most important desires and taking the first important step in my life towards success and prosperity!!! With respet, Sayyotbek from Uzbekistan.
Janos Gilly (Switzerland)
l like khalifa and like to be like him and rule a successful country like UAE. i wish him all the very best for the next 40 years.
Mama Diallo (Senegal)
Asaad Ahmed (Malaysia)
Your Great Highness, Sheikh Khalifa, Many Congratulations on the 40th national day of the UAE. Being raised, studying and living life in the UAE has been an amazing experience. There is always something in the UAE tosee, explore and discover. Because of your Hignesses's magnificent ruling there are great schools to expand knowledge, professional hospitals for care, sights that can't be seen anywhere else and high standard security. So I thank you for making a perfect fantasy of an extraordinary country real. The UAE is the perfect place to live in and surely I will not want to go anywhere else! Long live Sheikh Khalifa and long live the UAE! Thankyou!
Tuba Buyukozer (Turkey)
Thank you for welcoming us and making this country a beautiful home to live in.
sudarshana meddage (Sri Lanka)
i realy thanks to uae because my life make happy.
Wajeehah Athar Binti Ghulam Nabi Athar (Malaysia)
The UAE is the best country in the world! It has rapidly developed in just 40 years from a beautiful desert to a magnificent country for tourism, leisure and business thanks to our great Ruler, Sheikh Khalifa. Living here in the UAE was he best choice I ever made! I am certain that there is no place like this. Insha Allah this all ready magnificent country will continue to grow an attract more people to enjoy it. May Allah bless and protect Shiekh Khalifa. Long live the UAE!
alhan dakkour (Lebanon)
we love UAE cause it gives us security and good environment to build good future, and also its a beautiful country filled with organized system.thank you for everything .
supaksamorn chimviset (Thailand)
I love UAE very nice
Zainab Al Tamimi (Tanzania)
We are lucky, alhamdullillah, to get the chance to work and live in the most peaceful country in the world. This is due to the wise Leadership of the country and taking great care of his citizen leading them to high achievements & prosperity. U.A.E. Nationals are the luckiest people on earth. May Allah protect this great Nation.
Jivka Dimitrova (Bulgaria)
Your excellency I have been working and living in UAE for the past 13 years, i am really proud of the development of your country and the ability to attract all that huge number of nationalities, that live and work all together in peace and harmony May god bless you and all your efforts you do for the best interest of your country.
mohamed shawki (Egypt)
اولا اتمنى لسموك الصحه والعافيه وطول العمر ان شاء الله في خدمه وطنك الغالي ووطنا جميعا واشكرك علي تطوير دوله الامارات العربيه المتحده علي نهج الشخ زايد رحمه الله واتمني التوفيق لدوله الامارات العربيه التي انا اعيش علي ارضها من سبع سنوات واتمني ان تكون بلدي مثلها وجميع بلاد المسلمين حفظ الله دوله الامارات وشعبها وحكامها ياشيخنا الغالى
Mohammed Mofleh Ali (Palestine)
first al fatiha on our big father his hines Shish zayed al nahyan, second thank you for making us feel that this is our country and because the country is not which you hold its passport but the country is where you are born and live all your life and study and raise your children. that why i feel its my country because iam born,finished school,get married and enshala i will get a baby after 1 month also here. so thanks god and thank you shikh khalifa and hope your health is good and god bless you.
Hazel Corpuz (Turkey )
I am please to be a member of your Organization. I was at the Emirates Hotel before during a celebration. More Power and God Bless us All.
Cindy Wilson (United States)
To my Emirate friends, My family and I have been truly blessed by your hospitality, your traditions and your culture. We have made our family feel so welcome and we feel like the UAE is our home! Thank you for allowing my family to share in your special day-National Day. We love you all!!! The Wilson Family
naveed ahmed majeed (Pakistan)
very nice country...and a very organised country they take care of every one..specially thanks to His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan ..as a taxi driver i tell all the customers all the good things about this country and the kingdom of this country..
yonas girma (Ethiopia)
I like the country very mach its development the opportunty the worled class life styl you and the country gave to every nation of the world thank you.
Mary Wilson (United States)
Warmest Wishes on the 41st year of your nation. Ihave linved in the UAE for four years and have always been loved and respected by all. Thank you for having me in your country,it has become my second home. Congrqadulations and Kindest Regards to you and the United Arab Emirates!
Julian Olayinka ODULATE (United Kingdom)
Dear Sir I have been teaching here in the UAE for just over one year to your young citizens. I am pleased to tell you that I have never met such good natured and deeply polite young men. I proud to guide them to their next step in their science education. I have never been lived in such a safe environment. Thank you and kind regards Julian
Daniele Palmucci (Sweden)
Dear Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, it is now 5 years since I first arrived in the UAE. What you are building up for your own people and the rest of is simply amazing. UAE is leading the way for the rest of Middle East. Kind regards Daniele
maryam kalantar (UAE)
thank you sheikh khalifa for all you givings and support. wish you a long life and restful peace ,all what we needed was given to us by you. thank you for care and love.
Habib MIkati (Lebanon)
i came to UAE at the age of 22 as engineer in NPCC-AUH. Today after 26 years, i own my private company in the country that gave me Love and evrything i missed in Lebanon. God Bless UAE, its Leaders and citizens.
Heike Scholz Reinhard (Germany)
HERZLICHEN GLUECKWUNSCH zur EXPO 2020 CONGRATULATIONS you, we trylu deserved it. There is not any other city who will this perfectv in hosting this event. Now the whole world is joining you to see this amazing place
Jaroslav Ludva (Czech)
Your Highnes, warm congratulations on Your National day Jaroslav Ludva Ambassador of the Czech Republic
HE Adam Krzymowski (Poland)
I have great pleasure to pass greeting to HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan President of UAE, Ruler of Abu Dhabi. God bless His Highness, wonderfull land, people, United Arab Emirates. In the spirit of united, Adam Krzymowski Ambassador of Poland
Simon Bowden (United Kingdom)
Mabrook on winning the 2020, an excellent and fitting tribute for your 42nd National Day. I love the country, people, your style of leadership, and the magnificent weather. Kind Regards Simon
Himanshu Amberkar (India)
Congratulation to all UAE for winning the prestigious Expo2020 and all the best for all future growth.
Ismail Al Maabri (Yemen)
I would congratulate His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan for UAE's 42 anniversary and for the accomlishmentnts that happened since 42 years with the leadsership of late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan the head of widom in all Arab countries who made this country the host of generosity. He made UAE one of the greatest country by building a great civilization in the world. the wrold vows for those accomplishments and dreaming of visitng this great country with its leaders and people. Expo 2020 is one of the greatest achivements from different countries. with your wisdom and leadrship the country will continue to grow and be one of the greatest nations in the world.
Emosi Rakai (Fiji)
I wish to convey my heartfelt congratulations to your His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zaye Al Nahyan for your vision and foresight in leading this wonderful nation of the United Arab Emirates and in congratulating the United Arab Emirates for its 42nd Anniverssary Day on Independence.Your Highness, please also allow me to congratulate the United Arab Emirates for its successful bidding to host the EXPO2020 in Dubai. With assurances of my highest considerations
From the heart of our people and government. We express our double congratulation for the National Day and the UAE 2020 expo. Our best wishes to His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and to all the people of UAE. We are committed to develop a constructive relation we the UAE.
salah afifi (Egypt)
actually i love emirate and emirati people al best wishes to H.H. to Shiekh Khalifa bin Zayed and all emirati Rulers asking Allah to help and support them for Emirate and all Arabic countries
Mona Al Herbawi (Jordan)
اتقدم بأسمى التهاني والتبريكات الى صاحب السمو / الشيخ خليفة بن زايد ال نهيان رئيس دولة الامارات العربية المتحد حفظه الله والى اخوانه اصحاب السمو اعضاء المجلس الاعلى حكام الامارات و اهني شعب الامارات بفوزهم ب اكسبو 2020 و ادامه الله الافراح على الامارات وشعبها الكريم
Mariam Hassan Al Bloushi (Comoros)
اتقدم بأسمى التهاني والتبريكات الى صاحب السمو / الشيخ خليفة بن زايد ال نهيان رئيس دولة الامارات العربية المتحد حفظه الله والى اخوانه اصحاب السمو اعضاء المجلس الاعلى حكام الامارات و اهني شعب الامارات بفوزهم ب اكسبو 2020 و ادام الله الافراح على الامارات وشعبها الكريم بدوام الحب والأمان
Niklas Maier (Germany)
we wish you all the best, a long and successful and fulfilled live. may god protect and overview you. greetings from germany
Arnd Hannecke (Germany)
I love UAE and especially as a new muslim it is wonderfull to start my new life in this wonderfull country.I am proud living here and do from my side all possible for the sucess of the country

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